Kentucky, USA



Latitude: 37.8393332, Longitude: -84.2700179


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
51 Mays, Austin  Apr 1872Kentucky, USA I0432
52 Mays, Barbara  About 1892Kentucky, USA I0566
53 Mays, Chesley  About 1930Kentucky, USA I0581
54 Mays, Curtis  Dec 1896Kentucky, USA I0609
55 Mays, David  About 1824Kentucky, USA I0590
56 Mays, Davidson  About 1843Kentucky, USA I0593
57 Mays, Della  Apr 1885Kentucky, USA I0603
58 Mays, Dewey  12 Apr 1898Kentucky, USA I0510
59 Mays, Dixie D  About 1905Kentucky, USA I0512
60 Mays, Dock  About 1900Kentucky, USA I0570
61 Mays, Dorsey  About 1907Kentucky, USA I0552
62 Mays, Edna  About 1907Kentucky, USA I0525
63 Mays, Elizabeth  About 1835Kentucky, USA I0653
64 Mays, Elizabeth J  About 1847Kentucky, USA I0419
65 Mays, Ellis  About 1912Kentucky, USA I0528
66 Mays, Emery  About 1914Kentucky, USA I0532
67 Mays, Ernest  About 1911Kentucky, USA I0527
68 Mays, Ethel  About 1907Kentucky, USA I0523
69 Mays, Ethel Belle  About 1903Kentucky, USA I0511
70 Mays, Frances Susan  Apr 1836Kentucky, USA I0415
71 Mays, Fred  Aug 1899Kentucky, USA I0610
72 Mays, Greenville  About 1856Kentucky, USA I0423
73 Mays, Hattie J  About 1898Kentucky, USA I0569
74 Mays, Henry C  May 1885Kentucky, USA I0409
75 Mays, Homer  About 1915Kentucky, USA I0513
76 Mays, Isabelle  About 1868Kentucky, USA I0430
77 Mays, James  About 1836Kentucky, USA I0414
78 Mays, James H  20 Oct 1864Kentucky, USA I0505
79 Mays, James Landis  15 May 1870Kentucky, USA I0431
80 Mays, Jewel  About 1911Kentucky, USA I0531
81 Mays, John Harmon  4 Sep 1842Kentucky, USA I0406
82 Mays, Joseph  Jun 1879Kentucky, USA I0435
83 Mays, Lee  About 1890Kentucky, USA I0565
84 Mays, Leonard W  About 1907Kentucky, USA I0612
85 Mays, Leonidas  10 Apr 1883Kentucky, USA I0517
86 Mays, Lewis  Jun 1879Kentucky, USA I0496
87 Mays, Lewis  About 1903Kentucky, USA I0551
88 Mays, Lewis C  About 1876Kentucky, USA I0495
89 Mays, Lonnie  Mar 1896Kentucky, USA I0509
90 Mays, Lydia  About 1850Kentucky, USA I0596
91 Mays, Maggie  Aug 1895Kentucky, USA I0520
92 Mays, Marvin  10 Jun 1919Kentucky, USA I0536
93 Mays, Mary Ann  About 1853Kentucky, USA I0597
94 Mays, Mary Jane  1 Sep 1906Kentucky, USA I0403
95 Mays, Miranda  About 1876Kentucky, USA I0515
96 Mays, Moses  About 1845Kentucky, USA I0594
97 Mays, Nancy  About 1840Kentucky, USA I0416
98 Mays, Nancy Ellen  Nov 1862Kentucky, USA I0425
99 Mays, Nettie  About 1909Kentucky, USA I0526
100 Mays, Nola M  About 1905Kentucky, USA I0611

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