Kingston, Surrey, England, UK



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Budd, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1880Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3852
2 Budd, Henry John  Abt 1876Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3850
3 Budd, John William  Abt 1878Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3851
4 Lilburn, Amelia  Abt 1800Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3847
5 Maltis, Ann  Sep 1839Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I0319
6 Maltis, Elizabeth  Abt 1839Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3848
7 Parkin, Mary Ann  22 Apr 1870Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I0320


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Lilburn, Amelia  1886Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3847
2 Maltis, Elizabeth  1887Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3848


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Budd, Elizabeth Ann  3 Apr 1881Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3852
2 Budd, Henry John  3 Apr 1881Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3850
3 Budd, John  3 Apr 1881Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3849
4 Budd, John William  3 Apr 1881Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3851
5 Lilburn, Amelia  6 Jun 1841Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3847
6 Lilburn, Amelia  30 Mar 1851Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3847
7 Lilburn, Amelia  7 Apr 1861Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3847
8 Lilburn, Amelia  2 Apr 1871Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3847
9 Lilburn, Amelia  3 Apr 1881Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3847
10 Maltis, Amelia  6 Jun 1841Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3854
11 Maltis, Ann  6 Jun 1841Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I0319
12 Maltis, Ann  30 Mar 1851Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I0319
13 Maltis, Ann  7 Apr 1861Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I0319
14 Maltis, Ann  2 Apr 1871Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I0319
15 Maltis, Elizabeth  6 Jun 1841Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3848
16 Maltis, Elizabeth  30 Mar 1851Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3848
17 Maltis, Elizabeth  7 Apr 1861Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3848
18 Maltis, Elizabeth  2 Apr 1871Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3848
19 Maltis, Elizabeth  3 Apr 1881Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3848
20 Maltis, Lucy  6 Jun 1841Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3853
21 Maltis, William  6 Jun 1841Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3846
22 Maltis, William  30 Mar 1851Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3846
23 Maltis, William  7 Apr 1861Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3846
24 Maltis, William  2 Apr 1871Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I3846
25 Parkin, John Walter  2 Apr 1871Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I0310
26 Parkin, Mary Ann  2 Apr 1871Kingston, Surrey, England, UK I0320

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