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Kentucky, USA


Latitude: 37.8393332, Longitude: -84.2700179


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Elsie  About 1913Kentucky, USA I0580
2 ?, Lydia Alice  Aug 1870Kentucky, USA I0712
3 Applegate, Harry  Abt 1911Kentucky, USA I2845
4 Applegate, Lula Margaret  22 May 1901Kentucky, USA I0009
5 Barker, Lela  About 1895Kentucky, USA I0533
6 Barker, Nora  About 1899Kentucky, USA I0571
7 Brown, Lillie  About 1882Kentucky, USA I0486
8 Campbell, Maggie  About 1882Kentucky, USA I0753
9 Carter, Levi  About 1803Kentucky, USA I0989
10 Click, Anna  About 1815Kentucky, USA I0413
11 Click, Fronia  Nov 1880Kentucky, USA I0550
12 Click, Pearl  About 1886Kentucky, USA I0521
13 Click, Susannah  About 1821Kentucky, USA I0591
14 Coffey, Martha Ann  Apr 1863Kentucky, USA I0699
15 Conn, Essie O  Aug 1890Kentucky, USA I0585
16 Conn, Hansford W  Jul 1853Kentucky, USA I0582
17 Conn, Henry C  About 1880Kentucky, USA I0583
18 Conn, Levi  Aug 1882Kentucky, USA I0584
19 Conn, Sabra  About 1903Kentucky, USA I0587
20 Cooper, Carrie  Sep 1882Kentucky, USA I1443
21 Crisp, Cora  Aug 1894Kentucky, USA I0440
22 Crisp, John Milton  13 Sep 1863Kentucky, USA I0436
23 Crisp, Louise  About 1927Kentucky, USA I0462
24 Crisp, Norma Z  15 Apr 1897Kentucky, USA I0441
25 Crisp, Oma N  25 Oct 1919Kentucky, USA I0451
26 Crisp, Rosa E  Apr 1891Kentucky, USA I0438
27 Crisp, Virginia  Jul 1893Kentucky, USA I0439
28 Cummins, Mollie  About 1885Kentucky, USA I1416
29 Florence, James Henry  6 Mar 1884Kentucky, USA I1204
30 Fultz, Amos  About 1892Kentucky, USA I0455
31 Fultz, Latishie  1893Kentucky, USA I0446
32 Hall, Emmett J  25 May 1903Kentucky, USA I0738
33 Hall, Florence  About 1905Kentucky, USA I0739
34 Hall, Laura Etta  About 1908Kentucky, USA I0740
35 Hall, Mahala  Apr 1888Kentucky, USA I0733
36 Hall, Oliver  18 Mar 1896Kentucky, USA I0736
37 Hall, Perry Arthur  21 Aug 1898Kentucky, USA I0737
38 Hall, Serena  Jun 1890Kentucky, USA I0734
39 Johnson, Isabell  Jun 1876Kentucky, USA I0720
40 Lytle, Auretta A  Feb 1876Kentucky, USA I1376
41 Mays, Anna Z  About 1852Kentucky, USA I0421
42 Mays, Arizona  About 1872Kentucky, USA I0494
43 Mays, Arminda  About 1854Kentucky, USA I0422
44 Mays, Austin  Apr 1872Kentucky, USA I0432
45 Mays, Barbara  About 1892Kentucky, USA I0566
46 Mays, Chesley  About 1930Kentucky, USA I0581
47 Mays, Curtis  Dec 1896Kentucky, USA I0609
48 Mays, David  About 1824Kentucky, USA I0590
49 Mays, Davidson  About 1843Kentucky, USA I0593
50 Mays, Della  Apr 1885Kentucky, USA I0603

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