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1 Andrew was in and out of various hospitals. It seems before he enlisted in 1919, he was at Eastern State Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. After that he bounced around Military homes for disabled soldiers. He is listed as having epilepsy. Quesinberry, Andrew (I0707)
2 Duncan most likely stayed in Scotland Walker, Duncan (I0629)
3 Ethel's death certificate lists her status as Married. I haven't found the marriage yet, but the Informant's name was Edd Mays Mays, Ethel Belle (I0511)
4 Frances is listed in 1900 as having 5 living children, 6 children total. I am only listing the children that I have found living with her in the census records. I have not found the birth records for her children yet to verify this! It doesn't appear that Frances ever married. Family: / Frances Susan Mays (F17)
5 He is referred to as E Hudson in one census record. Mays, Ehud (I0623)
6 He states he has lost three fingers on his right hand. Tombs, Lemuel K Jr (I0123)
7 Her Death Certificate gives a date of birth as 12 Dec 1859. I believe 1861 is a more accurate. Taylor, Vena (I1338)
8 Her death certificate gives her birth year as 1861. When I do the math from her age though, it gives a year of 1871. 1871 is more consistent with the other records I've found. Adkins, Westina Belle (I0506)
9 Her death certificate gives her birthdate as 22 Jun 1868. I believe it is actually in 1870. West, Elizabeth Susan (I2842)
10 His birth record mentions female as his gender. However, it's a very mixed up recording. The lines are very hard to follow. Mays, Marion (I0548)
11 His Death Certificate states his birth year as 1871, but he is present on the 1870 census (1 month old). Mays, James Landis (I0431)
12 His name in this census is listed as George Yohn Thorward, George (I0090)
13 I am only estimating William's birthdate from census records. I am using the 1900 census information as my "preferred" date right now but it ranges from abt 1835 through abt 1840, depending on the record. Moore, William Henry Sr. (I0054)
14 I found evidence in the Kentucky Birth Index she might have married Elijah Dehart. I'm not positive yet though. Mays, Hattie J (I0569)
15 I found evidence in the Kentucky Birth Index she might have married Robert Barker. I'm not positive yet though. Mays, Barbara (I0566)
16 I found no evidence of a marriage between Rebecca and James. Family: James Carter / Rebecca Mays (F18)
17 I have a file on my computer from Tom Theademan that gives more information about a lot of these relatives, but I'm not adding them to the site at this time. Family: Charles Moyer / Ada May Evans (F47)
18 I have heard through the grapevine from Jay's grandson that he preferred his middle name. Therefore I will honor his preference. ;) Mays, C. Jay (I0607)
19 I have information that Lydia married Montgomery G Shelton. I haven't confirmed it with documentation yet. Mays, Lydia (I0596)
20 I have seen many variations for Jane's maiden name, Ferris, Farish, Farris, etc.  Ferris, Jane (I0237)
21 I know Arminda was married to Joseph Slusher Jr from online trees. However, I haven't gotten any records or census information to definitively put it in my family file yet. Mays, Arminda (I0422)
22 I note Lulu down as the daughter of Fanny. Technically she is listed in 1900 as Fanny's sister and Sarah's daughter. However that would have Sarah giving birth to Lulu in her late 50's. So I'm marking Lulu down as Fanny's child tentatively, until I find out either way. Ward, Lulu Belle (I0119)
23 I'm pretty sure that Joseph was married and had children with Arminda Mays, but I haven't found the evidence of their marriage yet. Slusher, Joseph (I0679)
24 Identifying Marks: Paralysis Left Side Tombs, Smith Milton (I0124)
25 In the 1900 census, his birthdate is listed as May 1870 Mays, James H (I0505)
26 Isaiah's birthdate and name varies greatly with each record. I am including all my records so that you can make a judgement for yourself. :) West, Isaiah (I2941)
27 Listed as Anthony in this census. Tombs, Gurodus Cable (I0129)
28 Mary is listed in 1900 in both her daughters households. Menzies, Mary Swan (I0245)
29 On the 1910 census, she says she is the mother of 11 children. Gillium, Susannah (I0563)
30 Patient at Eastern Kentucky Lunatic Asylum Mays, Arthur L (I0606)
31 Patient at the New Jersey State Hospital for the Insane Love, Clarence E (I0210)
32 Rachel has a grand-daughter Emma and a grand-son, Lewis. They live with her according to the census, but I haven't found birth records yet. Miller, Rachel (I0990)
33 Sarah is not living with her parents in 1860. Neither are a lot of her siblings. She could be living with another family member but I haven't found it yet. Whitt, Sarah E (I0514)
34 The 1900 Census gives his birth year as 1889. His Draft Card lists him as 27 and if you do the math, 1889 is most likely his real birth year. Duvall, Henry Gus (I0479)
35 The 1900 Census lists her birth date as May 1892. Parkin, Anna M (I0312)
36 The Love-Menzies Family Outline says Jesse and Margaret had at least 12 children. Family: Jesse Leroy Vincent / Margaret R Peter (F39)
37 The Love-Menzies Family Outline shows his death date as 12 Mar 1956. Love, Wallace Alexander (I0149)
38 The age and birthplace don't match, but the children ages do. They are living next door to Celia Slusher-Mays, Nancy's third child. Wade, Nancy Alice (I0670)
39 The day and month are taken from the death certificate. The age was calculated using the age from the death certificate. Mays, William Dennis (I0564)
40 The Family Search database has a New Jersey records index that gives Edith's birth year as 1899. This could be her correct birth year but until I see it, I'm using the year from the SSDI. In additon, she is listed as 2 months old in the 1900 census. I can imagine getting ages/years mixed up on older children but I doubt anyone can confuse a 2 month and a 14 month old child. Redford, Edith M (I0291)
41 The names and ages of this family MAY BE WRONG. I have not been able to get a clear picture of the family dynamics at the current time. I will make changes/corrections as I find evidence. Family: William Mays, Jr / Anna Click (F7)
42 There are conflicting dates because he has two death certificates. One states he died in his hometown of Devils Fork, KY. The other states he died at Stephenson Hospital in Ashland, KY. I'm going with the birth date given on his WWI Draft card and the death date given by the hospital. Mays, James Walker (I0516)
43 There are conflicting dates for his birth. I used the WWI Draft Card because that's the one I consider better odds of being mostly correct. However, I believe he might have been born in 1895. It's possible he believed 1896 though. Conn, Jerry (I0586)
44 There are more children for William and Frances in my family file, but I haven't gotten my paper trails together yet. Family: William Mays, Sr / Frances Adkins (F34)
45 There were two different marriage records for Martha Love and Duncan Walker. I'm using the one that listed their fathers in the record. Family: Duncan Walker / Martha Love (F85)
46 While he was registered in Rowan County, the card states that he is at the Eastern State Hospital for the Insane in Lexington. Quesinberry, Andrew (I0707)
47 While her death certificate shows her birth date as 1840, I think it was actually nearer to 1844 because of census ages. Slusher, Celia (I0407)
48 WWI Draft Card lists his year of birth as 1881. Quesinberry, John Oliver (I0700)

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