Bracken, Kentucky, USA


County/Shire : Latitude: 38.7117016, Longitude: -84.05902900000001

Latitude: 38.7117016, Longitude: -84.0590290


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Applegate, Carrie Edith  13 Aug 1904Bracken, Kentucky, USA I2843 Mays Family Tree 
2 Applegate, James William  5 Sep 1862Bracken, Kentucky, USA I2841 Mays Family Tree 
3 Black, Zemiah  Oct 1837Bracken, Kentucky, USA I2942 Mays Family Tree 
4 Curtis, Anderson David  5 Aug 1874Bracken, Kentucky, USA I3094 Mays Family Tree 
5 Florence, James Floyd  26 Sep 1931Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1209 Mays Family Tree 
6 McClanahan, Laura  Mar 1870Bracken, Kentucky, USA I3860 Mays Family Tree 
7 Moore, Elmer Earl  22 Mar 1917Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1081 Mays Family Tree 
8 Taylor, Charles  2 Mar 1857Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1336 Mays Family Tree 
9 Taylor, Edith Marie  2 Jul 1926Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1065 Mays Family Tree 
10 Taylor, Edna Mae  14 Jul 1927Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1290 Mays Family Tree 
11 Taylor, Eugene  7 Jan 1911Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1078 Mays Family Tree 
12 Taylor, Fannie  25 Jul 1865Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1339 Mays Family Tree 
13 Taylor, Florence M  14 Jul 1902Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1074 Mays Family Tree 
14 Taylor, Floyd G  28 Jul 1905Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1076 Mays Family Tree 
15 Taylor, Frank  5 Oct 1867Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1341 Mays Family Tree 
16 Taylor, Fred  16 Jun 1872Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1343 Mays Family Tree 
17 Taylor, Fred Edward  6 Apr 1932Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1066 Mays Family Tree 
18 Taylor, George Dewey  14 Jun 1898Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1073 Mays Family Tree 
19 Taylor, George Thomas  15 Sep 1863Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1068 Mays Family Tree 
20 Taylor, Harry  13 Mar 1870Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1342 Mays Family Tree 
21 Taylor, Irene Charlotte  7 Jan 1911Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1079 Mays Family Tree 
22 Taylor, Kirby  6 Jan 1874Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1344 Mays Family Tree 
23 Taylor, Lawrence S  14 Jul 1902Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1075 Mays Family Tree 
24 Taylor, Lloyd  28 Jul 1905Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1077 Mays Family Tree 
25 Taylor, Lucille  24 Nov 1890Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1070 Mays Family Tree 
26 Taylor, Mary Elizabeth  17 Dec 1933Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1067 Mays Family Tree 
27 Taylor, Mary Isabel  26 May 1896Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1072 Mays Family Tree 
28 Taylor, Maud  About 1881Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1345 Mays Family Tree 
29 Taylor, Roy Lytle  24 Mar 1897Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1377 Mays Family Tree 
30 Taylor, Vena  12 Dec 1861Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1338 Mays Family Tree 
31 Taylor, Wilmont  13 May 1895Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1071 Mays Family Tree 
32 Webb, Eliza May  19 Nov 1869Bracken, Kentucky, USA I2471 Mays Family Tree 
33 West, Isaiah  Jan 1831Bracken, Kentucky, USA I2941 Mays Family Tree 
34 West, Michael  3 Apr 1877Bracken, Kentucky, USA I2943 Mays Family Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cooper, Carrie  27 Mar 1963Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1443 Mays Family Tree 
2 Lytle, Auretta A  23 Jul 1957Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1376 Mays Family Tree 
3 Mefford, Burns Henderson  18 Apr 1948Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1444 Mays Family Tree 
4 Taylor, Bartholomew  5 Oct 1847Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1559 Mays Family Tree 
5 Taylor, Marshall Howard  25 Aug 1899Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1334 Mays Family Tree 
6 Webb, Flora Ann  16 Apr 1884Bracken, Kentucky, USA I2470 Mays Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Matthews, Nancy  27 Jul 1850Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1450 Mays Family Tree 
2 Taylor, Alice J  27 Jul 1850Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1454 Mays Family Tree 
3 Taylor, Eliza  27 Jul 1850Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1452 Mays Family Tree 
4 Taylor, George W  27 Jul 1850Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1453 Mays Family Tree 
5 Taylor, John Abraham  27 Jul 1850Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1451 Mays Family Tree 
6 Taylor, Marshall Howard  27 Jul 1850Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1334 Mays Family Tree 

Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Taylor, Roy Lytle  5 Jun 1918Bracken, Kentucky, USA I1377 Mays Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Taylor / Heaverin  24 Oct 1854Bracken, Kentucky, USA F65 Mays Family Tree 

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